torsdag, januari 29, 2009

Klemens av Alexandria (eller: mer bidrag till kristen humanism)

från Mertons bok "The Wisdom of the Desert".

kristen välfärd (eller: länge leve Konstantin)

"Julian 'the Apostate' saw how the Christian church grew “due to philanthropy to strangers, burial of the dead and seeming purity of life.” Pagans needed to catch up, and this meant charity: “In every city,” he ordered, “numerous hostels should be established that strangers, whether or not of our faith, may experience our philanthropy whenever they need it.” And, “Teach the adherents of our religion to add voluntary contrubitions and accustom them to philanthropy. It is shameful when our poor lack assistance.”

Augustus and later emperors fed the populace of Rome, but they didn’t have a social welfare service. That’s a Constantinian inheritance, one that Julian couldn’t give up."

från Leithart.

dagens evagrius

Pride cast the archangel from heaven and made him fall to earth like lightning (Isa. 14:12; Luke 10:18). Humility leads a person up to heaven and prepares him to dance with the angels.

Eight Thoughts 8.11

onsdag, januari 28, 2009


ord att tugga på:

"Christ, the final Adam, by the revelation of the mystery of the Father and His love, fully reveals man to man himself and makes his supreme calling clear."

(tanke från denne man, som citeras i detta dokument.)

tisdag, januari 06, 2009

sms från Gaza

"Dette sterke ropet kommer fra Mads Gilbert, den norske legen som hjelper till ved et sykehus i Gaza. De bombet det sentrale grönsaksmarkedet i Gaza by for to timer siden. 80 skadede, 20 drept, alt kom hit til Shifa. Hades! Vi vasser i död, blod og amputater. Masse barn. Gravid kvinne. Jeg har aldri oppleve noe så fryktelig. Nå hörer vi tanks.
Fortell videre. Alt. GJÖR NOE! GJÖR MER! Vi lever i historieboka nå, alle!" via Dagen