onsdag, oktober 11, 2006

Calvin says somewhere that each of us is an actor on a stage and God is the audience. The metaphor has always interested me, because it makes us artists of our behavior, and the reaction of God to us might be thought of as aesthetic rather than morally judgmental in the ordinary sense. How well do we understand our role? With how much assurance do we perform it? I suppose Calvin's God was a Frenchman, just as mine is a Middle Westerner of New England extraction. Well, we all bring such light to bear on these great matters as we can. I do like Calvin's image, though, because it suggests how God might actually enjoy us. I believe we think about that far too little. It would be a way into understanding essential things, since presumably the world exists for God's enjoyment, not in any simple sense, of course, but as you enjoy the being of a child even when he is in every way a thorn in your heart.

--från Gilead (Marilynne Robinson)

(en kompis skickade citatet till mig. har inte läst boken än...)

ps. hej allihop. ds.

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Anette sa...

Tere!! (som er "hei" på estisk). Så tilfeldigvis linken din på bloggen til sara høidahl. Måtte sjekke ut hvem sønnen til the big boss er vet du.Uansett, be blessed!

Anonym sa...


Aina Martina sa...

Otroligt tråkigt att gå in på din blogg.. du skriver ju aldrig någonting nytt!!!
Men vi gillar dig ändå!

Peter Holm sa...

Ganska tyst på denna bloggggg

* Crista * sa...

Kul att se att du också har en blogg - tråkigare att se att du inte bloggar så mycket ;) Hoppas allt är bra med dig och att du växer på alla livets områden - oundvikligt för en sån som du iof.


Molly B sa...

It has now been two months since you have updated your blog. And even though I generally can't read it, this is still hard to handle. How do I know you're even alive?! (other than the emails and facebook...)

Anonym sa...

God Jul, Benjamin!

David sa...

I think Lundin would say a similar thing--our art consists of our relationships; how we act on other people, knowingly or unkowingly.